A downloadable game for Windows

“It’s easy to just make a game. The secret is to get people interested in it.”


Kinda arcade, kinda point-and-click and definetly experimental game done by four dudes sitting in their basements. Plot: you are a game developer and you’re creating a game while trying to promote it via social media. Will you succed and your game would be a sale success or you’ll fail miserably and get only 100 copies sold? Relax, get comfy, make some tea and play <3 And remember: KEEP THE HYPE ALIVE!


Mouse - Interactions

Enter - Send e-mail

Space - send peep

Random keys - write e-mail

F2 in BIOS menu/ending - see credits

You can also find our team social media and info at the bottom!

@tesla - 2D Art
@zzl - 2D Art
@miklo - Programming
@kaem - Music


HypeDream_v1.1.zip 35 MB


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Wow really unique game, I loved style.

I love the artstyle! Good Work

This was really fun to play !

Super cute and fun game. 

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its cool i like it

pretty cool